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Huacaya Females Colour Age (yr) Cria at foot? Due Covering Sire Price ($)
Everlast Wicked Thoughts SW 4.1 3/12/22 Lillyfield Pure Element $2,500 No gst
Garibaldi Quality Fair SMF 7.7 Female Cria (Dynamic) 0/0/00 LIllyfield Up The Ante $4,850
Lillyfield Gilt Edge SW 7.8 22/3/23 Lillyfield Azamarca $2,850
Lillyfield Malone LF 7.3 10/11/23 Lillyfield Pure Element $2,850
Lillyfield Phaedra SLF 8.8 $1,100
Lillyfield Tallin SLF 13.8 SW Male cria 16/11/23 Lillyfield Alchemy $900
Lillyfield Wine & Roses SLF 8.2 Lillyfield High Road - Female cria 16/11/23 EP Cambridge Oblivion ET $6,600
Huacaya Males Colour Age (yr) Certified? Price ($)
Lillyfield Sawyer SLF 2.9 Y $5,500
Malakai Rezeki SLF 7.9 Y $3,500

Prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.
Wethers and wether-quality males are available. Please contact us for details.