Lillyfield Nureyez (deceased) (SW)

Nureyez July 2010 Nureyez July 2010
Nureyez July 2010 Nureyez July 2010
Jolimont Alessio
Forestview prince of Thieves
Forestview Choisi
Blue Grass Ringleader
Wongadene Coppellia
Wongadene Peruvian Irina

Sadly no longer with us - he was a most fabulous male, who had a huge impact on females. He has exceptional fleece length and density, with amazing lustre across a compact frame.

He was a dynamic male with high levels of pregnancies with a single mating. The cria are still hitting the grounds now and they are all an improvement over the dams with a fabulous look & improved density - he was producing a consitent type.

Always will be one of the farm favourites.

Fleece awarded well at Royal Canberra 2011 - so he still had the goods

Current Fleece Results:
Sept 2009 - 18.3µ, 3.5sd, 19.2cv, 17.5sf, 38.8crv, 99.6 cf 100mm length
Sept 2010 - 20µ, 3.9sd, 16%cv 105mm length

Service Fee:   $660