Lillyfield Azamarca (SLF)

National Show 2019 National Show 2019
Beneligh Ringleader
Blue Grass Bollinger
Purrumbete Vanilla
EP Cambridge Exceed & Excel
Lillyfield Carazam
Lillyfield Azamour

Azamarca is the last Bollinger son to go through to certification - he is incredibly fine still retaining an amazing density for an animal so fine.

He has only been lightly shown as he was always a little small, but he has come into his own now and we are very confident to add him to the list of Stud Sires on farm.

This lad is a lovely mix of Bollinger, Prince of Theives and the amazing Matilda through his backline. 

Show Results:

4th National Show 2017 - Adult Male Light Fawn

2nd Junior Male Light Fawn  - Gunning 2016

2nd Junior Male Light Fawn  - Royal Canberra 2016

1st Light Fawn Fleece - 18 to 30 Months Royal Canberra 2017

1st Light Fawn Fleece - 18 to 30 Months Wodonga 2017

2nd  Senior Male Light Fawn  - Royal Canberra 2018

1st Mature Male Light Fawn - Wodonga 2019

3rd Mature Male Light Fawn - National Show 2019

Fleece Statistics:

Sept 2015: 16.1µ, 3.7sd, 22.8% cv, 100%cf , 43 crv

Nov 2015: 14.2µ, 3.4sd, 24.2%cv, 100% cf, 46 crv

Oct 2016: 15.9µ, 3.3sd, 20.9%cv, 100% cf, 52 crv

Oct 2017: 16.9µ, 3.9sd, 23.3%cv, 100%cf, 58crv

Oct 2021: 22.6µ, 4.4sd, 23.0%cv, 42 crv, 85 mils

Service Fee:   $440